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Our Story...

It started back in May 2011 as a one-off workshop to enable Christina to experiment with arrangements she had been writing and generally have some fun singing with a group of willing volunteers.  The workshop went so well that she set it up to be a regular thing, so of course that meant calling it a choir...

She started with the name Sing it Back to reflect the teaching style (by ear, no sheet music) and for a few years it continued under this name, building membership, trying out different styles of music, gaining confidence with public performances (even singing at Christina's wedding reception!) and having lots of fun in the meantime.  Members started out with CDs of their harmony lines, and then progressed to using Dropbox.  Venues were changed along the way a couple of times too.

In 2015 Christina felt the choir had matured and grown in so many ways that the name Sing it Back didn't feel right any more.  She polled the members for suggestions and eventually merged two names to make Vocallective.  It really nailed the feel of the choir - bringing people of all ages and diverse backgrounds together in a completely supportive atmosphere.  

This interactive website has been a huge success for the last five years and now we have moved into a bigger venue to give us more scope in our rehearsals and space for our growing membership.  

Now in our 11th year, we are bigger and bolder than ever but just as friendly and inclusive as we've always been!
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