How much does it cost to join Vocallective?
Your first session is a taster and therefore FREE!  After that sessions work out as £10 per session.  NHS staff have the option ofa concession at £8 per session. Please see Membership page for details.
What kind of music do you sing?
 Classic pop through the decades with some added world music, gospel and soul thrown in for good measure.  Music of many flavours, for those with good taste!
Can I join at any point in the term? Yes you can.  We generally learn a new song every few weeks as well as revising older ones, so joining in is always easy and the online harmonies mean you can catch up on other songs at home.
Do I have to read music? No, all music is taught by ear, but scores are available to download if you would like to use them., and this is encouraged.  Plus of course you can practise at home by downloading the online vocal harmony files.
Do I have to be a good singer? No…that’s why there is no audition.  Of course being able to hold a tune is important, but enthusiasm (and a sense of humour!) are just as important. So many people believe they can't sing because of random, jokey comments they've heard as a child and taken personally ...but in most cases this just isn't true!  Being part of group gives you confidence - you'll be amazed what you can achieve.
Are there any men in the choir?
Yes, we have several and they're brilliant, but we welcome more with open arms!
Can I pay as I go?
Unfortunately not. If members drop in and out it slows down progress, which is frustrating for everyone and makes it difficult to plan gigs.
Do you operate all year round?
No, we follow school terms, including a break every half term.
Do I get a refund if I miss a class? Sadly, no. But a weekly update goes out to all members so you’ll always know what you’ve missed and what you need to gen up on for the following week (using the online harmony files).
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