Corporate teambuilding and events

Harmonise Your Workplace!

From team building days at work to weddings, festivals and birthday parties, I can tailor singing workshops around your needs.

Perhaps you would like a "Pop Up Choir" event, where your team spend an afternoon learning a fabulous song to present at a special company occasion? You could build a company choir in just one afternoon!

Or maybe you're running a community event that would benefit from a rousing song to draw everyone together?

What about a celebratory workshop to help your team blow off steam at the end of a tough project?

Spring is in the air and singing is a brilliant way to pull yourself out of the doldrums of the Winter. 
There are a plethora of benefits to group singing, including the following:

- boosts team spirit and creates a sense of togetherness among team members, leading to increased job satisfaction and happiness.
- helps team members express themselves creatively and build confidence, reducing social anxiety and improving self-esteem.
- fosters a positive and uplifting atmosphere, reducing stress and promoting relaxation

- provides a fun and enjoyable way to bond with colleagues, creating long-lasting memories and strengthening relationships.
- encourages active participation and collaboration, improving communication and teamwork skills.
- offers a unique and memorable experience that sets the tone for a successful and productive teambuilding event

Regular participation:
- helps team members start their day on a positive note, boosting energy levels and motivation.
- provides a refreshing break from routine work activities, enhancing creativity and productivity upon return.
- can be easily incorporated into daily, weekly or monthly team activities, creating a consistent and enjoyable team-building routine.

If many of your workforce work from home, singing together is a brilliant way to help everyone feel like a unit again!  Singing workshops are an amazing way of bringing people together, learning new skills and having fun!

I teach all songs by ear, so no previous musical experience within the group is needed. I teach a range of songs from folk and gospel to world music, but pop music is usually the most popular (excuse the pun!).

We can have a chat to find out more about your group and what might work best, and then I will design  a workshop that's perfect for you. The following options give an indication of what a sample workshop might look like, but these can be changed according to preference, e.g. by teaching one longer, slightly more meaty song, in place of 2 easier songs.

Possible options for singing workshops

Option A – 1 hour/2 songs

15 mins:    Introduction and warm up with musical icebreakers
10 mins:    Simple warm up song
30 mins:    Learn a song in 2-3 part harmony
5 mins:      Recap and perform

Option B – 1.5 hours/3 songs

15 mins:    Introduction and warm up with musical icebreakers
10 mins:    Simple warm up song
15 mins:    Learn 1 song in two parts
5 mins:      Comfort break
35 mins:    Learn 1 more song in 3-4 part harmony
5 mins:      Recap and perform

Option C – 2 hours/4 songs

15 mins:    Introduction and warm up with musical icebreakers
10 mins:    Simple warm up song
30 mins:    Learn an easy song in 3-4 part harmony
5 mins:      Comfort break
45 mins:    Learn 1 "meatier" song in 3-4 part harmony
5 mins:      Recap and perform

I look forward to discovering what I can provide to bring creativity, laughter and joy to your event!
Please contact me to discuss all the possibilities.
Christina Carty