Book a taster session!

When you book a taster session at Vocallective, you will be joining an ordinary members' rehearsal.  You arrive ten minutes early to meet Christina, fill out the Guest Form, read details of membership and familarise yourself with the set-up.  As other members arrive, you will very likely be paired up with one of them so they can answer your queries and help you if you need it!

Email to book your taster

We always start the session with a warm up - this usually consists of a physical stretch of the body and face before moving on to the vocal chords!  We may sing a little round or a simple two/three part ditty to get everyone "in the zone".  Then we move on to the repertoire - new songs and/or the revision of current/older songs.  There are always lyric sheets available and you can just join in where you can, or simply listen.  Nothing's expected of you at this stage, we just want you to get a feel for how the choir works!

The session tends to zip by, and at the end you can have a chat with Christina to see how you got on. 
After that you'll get an email asking if you'd like to join, and on it goes from there...

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