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  • Regarding our lovely choir!
  • I first joined Vocallective about five years ago. I was living with my daughter Aliki - she was caring for me while I underwent chemotherapy treatment. Aliki was a member of the choir and she realized that it would be a perfect therapy for me during such difficult times. How right she was! I was so glad that Aliki had discovered this wonderful choir and signed me up.

    Christina is an extremely talented musician and performer but more than this, she has a wonderful skill in bringing out the best voices from her choir members. She has a great sense of humour and we all love her even when she is forcing us to perform the impossible! Our choir sessions began with a hearty warm up (which helped me especially, to pump some oxygen into my fatigued lungs). She then introduced us to her own arrangements of a wide variety of enjoyable songs and then moulded us into beautiful harmonies. The glowing feeling of participating in a lovely rendition cannot be compared. I am certain that the choir really helped me through the trials of my chemo treatments.

    I am no longer able to attend the choir as I now live abroad, but a recent visit reminded me how special those choir days were. I was very happy to see how much the choir has grown in size as well as talent! What a wonderful welcome I had.
    I wish Christina and my friends in the choir all the best and thank them for the special memories.

    - Sally Constantapoulou

    I've been a member of Vocallective for three years now and it almost immediately became an immensely enjoyable and important part of my week. Even if you've had a duff day, you come away from choir practice uplifted! Christina is gently encouraging (though occasionally a little stricter if we're slacking and have a gig coming up!); she brings out the best in everyone. Mixing with a collection of people of various ages and backgrounds is fun and stimulating, and I can't imagine not singing with this group on Tuesday nights!
    - Sarah Hodder

    Vocallective is an energising, creative experience which helps me to relax and switch off – and it has improved my singing voice too! Christina is a passionate professional who has the talent to challenge our abilities whilst never losing her sense of humour.
    - Inga Boellinghaus

    A fantastic group of people, varied repertoire and inspirational director. My husband and I have been members for six years. The best way to spend a Tuesday evening!
    - Pippa Phillips

    I've been with the choir for 4 years, and during that time Christina has naturally raised the excellence of the choir. We are now a more professional and polished group. This is testament to Christina's abilities, insight, and professionalism.
    - Chris Crawford

    After the first taster session I never looked back and here I am nearly seven years later! With Christina's teaching and patience, every week we create a piece which is beautifully harmonised, whilst having lots of fun along the way.
    - Jana Smith

    A friendly and supportive group like this gives rise to the best music making. The work actually feels like play..!
    - Phil Jones


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