Welcome to Vocallective 2018/19!

Welcome to Vocallective 2018/19!
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Posted By: Christina Carty
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Date Posted: Sat, 22 Sep 2018
Hi everyone!

Well what a magnificent start to the term – we couldn’t have asked for more.

First of all I’d like to say another warm welcome to all our newbies:
Irene, Lin, Vanessa, Sem, Davinia, Jacey, Charlotte, Kay and Maggie and welcome back to our lovely “returners” Annie, Fiona, Hope and Catherine.

As you can see there’s a distinct of lack of testosterone in that line up..!

We are about to start a little social media campaign targeting men, which has been long overdue but brought into focus due to the sad departure (due to a house move) of Chris Crawford – a baritone who had been with the choir for nearly five years.  We’re going to miss him (although he can now watch guilt free footie on Tuesday nights). 

If you know any men who could be persuaded to come and try us out please get them in!  We will also send the flyer out so you can splash it across your social media.

So back to this week.  We had a lively warm up and settled the newbies into their correct harmony groups, then we managed to get more than halfway through Survivor which was great.  Here’s a little clip of that:



We will be performing four songs:  Survivor, Love The One You’re With, Days and Cough Cough.  Please don’t wait until the day before we start re-rehearsing them to revise the two songs from last year’s rep!  Newbies – I’m going to email you separately about this, but you have now been added to the harmony lines of all the songs except Days, which isn’t quite finished yet.


On a different “note”, I had my first proper week as a Hummy Mummy leader this week and, though it’s been exhausting sorting out my new schedule, I am loving it!  If you know any mums of young children/toddlers who love singing and live in SE London, then do point them in the direction of our website www.hummymummies.com.  Here’s a little clip of one of my classes this week, singing “Torn” - so sweet!  https://youtu.be/ALJiEcCgS1E

Have an amazing weekend and I’ll see you next week! xx