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Posted By: Christina Carty
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Date Posted: Fri, 28 Sep 2018
Hi everyone!

Week 2 was a storming session – what a huge sound!  Loving it.  And yet another newbie in the form of Sian, who will singing tenor – welcome Sian!

Absentees – we got all the way to the end of Survivor and it’s in very good shape already.  We’re slightly ahead of schedule, which is brilliant.  This coming week
we will be revisiting Cough Cough as well as honing Survivor, so please revise
accordingly.  In fact I will very likely take some sectionals  so the newbies can join in with their harmony mates before throwing you all together.  So newbies – the more you familiarise yourselves with it the better...it is challenging in parts but once you get used to it, it’s rather fun.  I like to call it our “Bohemian Rhapsody”!

Our festival has grown.  We now have SIX choirs performing and will be joined by Tongue and Groove, Kender Grove Singers, Take Note, Felix’s Rock Choir and Telegraph Community Choir.  Big thanks to Pippa for all her work thus far.  It’s going to be quite a night!

We have two events (Ideal Home Show also) in the diary for this term, but we are actually much more in demand than that.  So far this term I’ve had to turn down several gigs because they clashed or were simply too early in the term to do us justice.  Beckenham Place Open Day, Lewisham Remembrance Day at the Broadway Theatre, and the Cake&Bake Show at ExCel so far.  This week I was also approached by Rosamund at the Ella Roberta Foundation https://www.justgiving.com/ellaroberta-familyfoundation who are holding a fundraising concert that clashes with our Ideal Home Show.  It’s such a shame as it’s a local charity led by the mother of a 9yr old girl who died of asthma five years ago.  Rosamund has led an amazing campaign for research into air pollution and it’s effects. The Guardian wrote a piece about her work last week.
She was lovely about me saying no, but asked if I would get you all to sign her petitionht for a new inquest into her daughter’s death.  They are trying to get 200k signatures.

That’s it till Tuesday.  Look forward to seeing you all!

Have a great weekend xx